Business Strategy Call with Shira Application

Welcome to THE official source for MOMS who want to create or build an online business.

I am looking for moms who are ready to take their passion and create an online business.

Not just sign up but commit to doing this thing because you know that it’s time. You’ve been thinking about, wanting it, and know it’s TIME to make your dream a reality.

My goal is to create a kickass group of moms who are ready to create life outside of motherhood. For moms who want to level up, make a change, and create their presence online.

Please only apply to speak if you are serious about creating OR Upleveling your business in 2019.


This is an opportunity to apply for a 30-minute business strategy call to determine what you need to create and grow your business.

Not everyone is a good fit for this - so please only move forward in filling out this application if you are serious about creating a Business Beyond Baby.

This does not happen overnight, and requires work. Are you SERIOUSLY ready to DO this?

Your time is very valuable, as is mine! I only want to speak with motivated and dedicated women who truly want to take their lives and businesses to the next level, breakthrough the obstacles that are holding them back, make a difference in the world, and build a profitable business.

I assume that is YOU since you're here and taking the time to fill this out!